The Tempest


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PROSPERO, the right Duke of Millaine Hal Cobb  Tempestth1
MIRANDA,  Daughter to Prospero Marcel Herriford
CALIBAN, Savage and deformed Slave Jerry Guenthner
ARIEL, an ayrie Spirit Ryan Graham
FERDINAND, Son to the King Alonso Ron Brown
ALONSO, King of Naples Harvey Swiger
SEBASTIAN, Brother to King Alonso Richard Hughes
ANTONIO, Prospero’s Brother, the usurping Duke of Milan Raymond Smith
GONZALO, honest old councellor and friend of Prospero Floyd Vaughn
ADRIAN, Lord Howard Ralston
FRANCISCO, Lord Charles Smith
TRINCULO, a Jester Sammie Byron
STEPHANO, a drunken Butler DeMond Bush
MASTER, Captain of the Ship Kenneth King
BOATSWAIN Boris Williams
IRIS, Goddess Kenneth King
CERES, Goddess Greg Rayborn
JUNO, Goddess Boris Williams
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Producing Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Associate Director Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Associate Director Karen Heath
Stage Manager Tom Suleski
Costume Designer Michelle Bombe
Scenic Designer and Charge Painter Bruno Fassler
Props Master Ted Thomas
Choreography Ron Brown
Original Music Composition Lavassa Anderson,  Philip Rieger &
Tom Suleski
Keyboard Tom Suleski
Electric Guitar Lavassa Anderson
Stage Crew Lavassa Anderson, Marvin Isabelle,
Robert Molloy,
John Reeves,
Kelly Stillwell
Special ThanksLuther Luckett Correctional Complex

We deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible.

Larry Chandler, Warden
Steve Adwell, Deputy Warden/Programs
Cookie Crews, Deputy Warden/Security
Douglas Eversole, Deputy Warden/Operations
Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Cindy Hall, Procedures Officer
Marc A. Wessels, Chaplain
Larry Johnson, Principal, Vocational School
Harold Blanford, Computers, Vocational School
John Shelbourne, Carpentry, Vocational School
Sherry Taylor, Correctional Unit Administrator II