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Funds received

April 01, 2023 - present

in support of the

2023-24 Season

$30,000 - $35,000

David & Carol Myers Foundation

$25,000 - $30,000

$20,000 - $25,000

National Endowment for the Arts

$15,000 - $19,999

$12,000 - $14,999

$10,000 - $11,999

Thomas T. Noland, Jr. & Vivian Ruth Sawyer Fund - In Loving Memory of Thomas T. Noland, Jr.

$7,500 - $9,999

Kentucky Educational Collaborative for State Agency Children

$5,000 – $7,499

The Buck Foundation
Arts for All Kentucky
Oldwin Family Foundation
Eileen Amy Ryan

$2,500 - $4,999

Gordon Strauss & Catherine Newton

$1,000 – $2,499

AC Sewing, Inc.
Cornelia W. Bonnie
Marla & Jon Lunderberg
Thomas Gerstle
Hope Church
Machon-Bram Charitable Fund
Jean Martin

$500 – $999

Timothy P. Falk
Mary Berghuis & Bill Hendrick
Epiphany Catholic Church
Turney Berry & Kendra Foster
Network For Good
William Trent & Thomas Ranz

$250 – $499

Yvonne Blazer
Larry Brewster
Monica & Cal Cluff
Linda Carter
Terri Foltz
John Sonnenday & Kristine A. Haig
Melissa Tanis
Grace C. Tiffany

$100 - $249

Greg Bell (FB)
Lee Purcell Best
Stuart Braune
Carolyn & Richard Bullington
Denise Carroll
Sheila Cavanagh (FB)
Larry D. Chandler (FB)
Monica Cluff
Irwin Cutler
Laryssa Cybriwsky
Barbara Dunn
Meg Fidler (FB)
Nicole Gaines
Jenifer Gunnick
Edward & Roxanna Hartline
Rosalind Heinz
Dr. Jack Heller
Anne Huntington
Vicky Korosei
Karen Hamer
Kevin Yoder
Lauren Kehr
Bruce Levitt (FB)
Lisa Markowitz - In memory of our Dad, Joseph Markowitz, who loved Shakespeare and justice.
Claire McDonald
Judith Miller
Robert Moore
Eleanor Morison
Steven Mueller (FB)
Nerve Collection
Richard Perloff (FB)
Sanford Robbins (FB)
Lisa Rozema
Micheleen Scull
Diana Shaffner
Joyce Shirley
Joseph Smith
Jodi Smiley
Bob & Mary Ann Stenger
James Sullivan
Claire Szabo-Cassella (FB)
Earleen Thomas
Mary Underwood
Cia Wilson
Marie G. Wilson (Cis)

$0.01 – $99

Kamran Afary
Mary Allen
Jan Arnow (FB)
Kelly Bailiff
Kathryn Bentley
Nancy Beverly (FB)
Cheri Bishop
Kevin Bott (FB)
Tom Galbraith Bradac - In Loving Memory
Brent Buell (FB)
John Burger
Debra Ann Byrd (FB)
Kristin Clippard (FB)
Gary Cohen (FB)
Alexis Colon
Michael Connolly (FB)
Lloyd Davies
DIAD Consulting
Doug Draper (FB)
Michael Duncan (FB)
Laura Ellis
Lee Ernst (FB)
Anna Farrell
Rose Flowers
Tesse Frink
Give Lively Foundation, Inc.
Steve Goodin (FB)
Joan Gould
Susan Ryba Herndon (FB)
Glenda Hodges-Cook
Paul Hohman
RevRachel Hollander (FB)
Georgette Kleier Hottois (FB)
Kay Hubbard (FB)
Richard Hughes
David Jackman
Michael Kinghorn (FB)
Cheryl Klink
Kathy Knox (FB)
Vicky Korosei
Sandy Krebs (FB)
Michael Kuhl
Bruce Levitt (FB)
Larry Lucas (FB)
Mac MacDaniel
Kerry Madrick
Tom Magill (FB)
Cia McClanahan
MaryJo McConnell (FB)
Deborah McElhannon
Emily "MJ" Moore
Pricilla Meeuwenberg
Laura Nicklin (FB)
CC Norton
Jennifer Payton
Kimble Pendley
Joan Perkins
Richard Perloff (FB)
Kristian Perry (FB)
Tony Pisculli (FB)
John Rees (FB)
Kristen Rose
Shannon Scroggins
Jonathan Shailor (FB)
Frannie Shepherd-Bates (FB)
Joyce Shirley
Elizabeth Siebert
Bruce Smith
Susan Southard
Stephanie Stone - In Honor of Marc Zakem
Two Cups of Coffee
Denise Taylor
Marilyn Taylor (FB)
Brenda Thomas
Marie Trottier (FB)
Naomi Warndorff
Lana Wertz (FB)
Cia White
Nathan White (FB)
Your Cause
Sheri Whitehead
Marc Zakem