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Updates from the cast of the Shakespeare Behind Bars documentary

Hal Cobb has been invited to participate in the Anne Frank Center USA Prison Diary Project (AFC), with the goal of educating people on both sides of the prison wall.  AFC has requested permission to publish excerpts from Hal’s journal for educational purposes, online, radio, and an exhibit and in printed form.  The journal will be archived at the AFC.

Art from SBB membrs Hal Cobb, Michael Malavenda, and Brandon Langley were featured in the BARS TO WALLS: INMATE ART EXPRESSIONS exhibit at the Schneider Hall Galleries/University of Louisville Hite Art Institute. August 19-September 25, 2011.

Inmate Writing Awards

Hal Cobb
Pen American Center – Prison Writing Awards
First Place in Essay 2010
The Pursuit of Character

Honorable Mention in Poetry 2010
salsa meditation

Honorable Mention in Drama 2005
Spittin’ Image

Robert Molloy
Pen American Center – Prison Writing Award
Third Place in Essay 2010
Kentucky’s Shameful Statistics