All The World’s A Stage


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Act I AllTheWorldath1
The Tragedie of Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark
Act IV, Scene 4
HAMLET Ensemble
I Am
Adapted by Leonard Ford
PLAYER Leonard Ford
The Life and Death of Julius CaesarAct I, Scene iii
Casca & Cassius Leonard Ford
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Act II, Scene vi
Proteus Michael Williams
Sonnet 109
Music Composed by Hal Cobb
Player Hal Cobb
Sonnets 138, 146, 17
King John 
Act IV, Scene iii
Constance Sammie Byron
Sonnet 130
Music Composed by Hal Cobb
Player Hal Cobb
The Merchant of Venice
Act IV, Scene iii
Duke Jerry Guenthner
Antonio Sammie Byron
Salerio Floyd Vaughn
Shylock Ron Brown
Bassanio Charlie Smith
Nerrisa Lonnie Clark
Gratiano Louis Garr, Michael Williams
Portia Leonard Ford
Act II
Falstaff and His Luggage
Adaptation by Jerry Guenthner
Knowledge Sammie Byron
King Henry V (formerly Prince Hal) Vincent Ingabrand
Falstaff Jerry Guenthner
Pistol Floyd Vaughn
Messenger Lonnie Clark
Justice Shallow Leonard Ford
Nym Charles Smith
Bardolph Ron Brown, Peter Clasen
Hostess Quickly Hal Cobb
Archbishop Marlow Sammie Byron
King Richard II
Act V, Scene v
King Richard II Sammie Byron
The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Act II, Scene iii
Launce Jerry Guenthner
Crab Katie Tofteland
From This Moment On
Words & Music by Hal Cobb 
Dedicated to Gaye Holman, JCC Prison Program Coordinator
Graduation Day June 4, 2004
Player Hal Cobb
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Producing Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Associate Director Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Assistant Director Peter Clasen
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Associate Director Karen Heath
Assistant Director Peter Clasen
Costume Designer Michelle Bombe
Original Music Hal Cobb
Stage Crew Robert Miller
Special Thanks

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

We deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible.

R. Tom Dailey, Warden
Steve Adwell, Deputy Warden/Programs
Barbara Hazelwood, Deputy Warden/Security
Douglas Eversole, Deputy Warden/Operations
Charlene J. Hoke, Procedures/Public Information Officer
Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Marc A. Wessels, Chaplain
Glen Dotson, Correctional Unit Administrator I