Richard III


Richard III, 2013

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House of York
Richard, Duke of Gloucesterlater King Richard III Jerry Guenthner
King Edward IV, brother to Richard and Clarence David Harding
George, Duke of Clarencebrother to Edward and Richard Gary Cohen
Duchess of York, mother of Richard, Edward, and Clarence Gene Vaughn
Edward, Young Prince of Wales Charles Young
Richard, Young Duke of York John Sheesley
Sir Thomas Vaughan Stephen Haynes
House of Lancaster
Queen Margaret, widow of King Henry VI William Whitehouse
Lady Anne, widow of Edward, son to the late King Henry VI Hal Cobb
The Woodvilles
Queen Elizabeth, Edward’s wife, formerly the Lady Grey Christopher Lindauer
Earl Rivers, brother to Queen Elizabeth Joseph Ford
Politicians and Officials
Lord Hastings, Lord Chamberlain Stephen Marshall
Duke of Buckingham John Snyder
Lord Stanley, Earl of Derby Erroll Rogers
Lord Mayor of London Stephen Haynes
John Morton, Bishop of Ely Kyle Baugh
Sir Robert Brakenbury, Lieutenant Charles Young
Guards Kyle Baugh
Mario Mitchell
James Prichard
Followers of Richard
Sir William Catesby Clifford Stoup
Sir James Tyrell Mario Mitchell
Second Murderer James Prichard
Earl of Surrey Gene Vaughn
Duke of Norfolk Kyle Baugh
The Tudors
Earl of Richmond, Henry Tudor James Prichard
Followers of Henry Tudor
Sir Walter Herbert Jeremy Devers
Sir James Blunt Stephen Riddle
Earl of Oxford Gene Vaughn
Sir William Brandon William Whitehouse
Production Team
Director Matt Wallace
Staff Sponsor Jerry Alter, CTO
Costume Design Donna Lawrence-Downs
Music/Sound Tom Suleski
William Whitehouse
Assistant Director Gene Vaughn
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Producing Director Curt L. Tofteland
Artistic Director Matt Wallace
Director of Technology & Communications Holly Stone