Measure For Measure


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VINCENTIO, the Duke  Ron Brown  Measureath1
ANGELO, Lord Deputy in the Duke’s absence  Louis Garr
ESCALUS, an Ancient Lord  Stephen Marshall
CLAUDIO, a young Gentleman James Prichard
ISABELLA, sister to Claudio Larry DeClue
JULIETTA, beloved of Claudio Jeff Smith
LUCIO, a Fantastic Leonard Ford
Two other like Gentlemen Howard Ralston, Floyd Vaughn
Provost Hal Cobb
MARIANA, betrothed to Angelo Floyd Vaughn
THOMAS, a Friar Clinton Brewer
PETER. a Friars Erik Nolde
FRANCISCA, a Nun Floyd Vaughn
VARRIUS, a Gentleman attending on the Duke Howard Ralston
A Justice Erik Nolde
ELBOW, a simple Constable Daniel Rudd
FROTH, a foolish Gentleman Donald  Mikesell
MISTRESS OVERDONE, a Bawd Larry Defllueu
POMPEX Clown, Tapster to Mistress Overdone Jerry Guenthner
ABHORSON, an Executioner Erik Nolde
BARNARDINE, a dlssolute Prisoner Clinton Brewer
Lords, Officers, Citizens, Boy, and Attendants The Ensemble
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Producing Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Costume Designer Michelle Bombe
Stage Manager Donald Mikesell
Musician Daniel Rudd

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

We deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible:

R. Tom Dailey, Warden
Douglas Eversole, Deputy Warden/Operations
Barbara Hazelwood, Deputy Warden/Security
Randy White, Deputy Warden/Programs
Charlene J. Hoke, Procedures & Public Information Officer
Marc A. Wesseis, Chaplain & Director of LLCC Cathedral Program
Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Glen Dotson, Correctional Unit Administrator I/Special Services
Sherri Grisslngen Administrative Specialist
Cheri Kraus, Operations Manager KCI Print Shop
Roger Liter, Print Shop Production Supervisor
Rhonda Coleman, Nurse Administrator
Sergeant Chad Hayes, PAD Supervisor
Captain Larry Voirol, Second Shift Captain
Officer lan Lamb
Officer Lee Blanks