The Comedie of Errors


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Port of Ephesus  COEath1
ANTIPHOLUS, local Floyd Vaughn
ADRIANA, wife to Antipholus Louis Garr
LUCIANA, sister to Adriana Neil Sweet
DROMIO, local, servant to Antipholus Hal Cobb
LUCE, kitchen maid to Adriana, wife to Dromio local Stephen Marshall
ANGELO, a gold merchant Howard Ralston
BALTHASER, a merchant Donald Mikesell
Merchant Stephen Marshall
Merchant of Epidamnium Allan Grundy
Curtizan Lonnie Clark
Daniel Rudd Doctor Pinch
Pinchettes Allan Grundy, Stephen Marshall, Don Mikesell, Howard Ralston
Jaylor Shayne Williams
Abbesse Joseph Napier/Stephen Marshall
Messenger Donald Mikesell
Port of Syracusa
EGEON, visiting merchant and father to the Antipholus twins Roger Richardson
ANTIPHOLUS, visiting Jerry Guenthner
DROMIO, visiting, servant to Antipholus Leonard Ford
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Chaplain Dr. Marc A. Wessels
Administrative Specialist Sherri Grissinger
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Stage Manager Michael Williams
Costume Designer Michelle Bombe
Musician Daniel Rudd
Sound Effects Joe Napier, Daniel Rudd, Floyd Vaughn

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

We deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible.

R. Tom Dailey, Warden
Steve Adwell, Deputy Warden/Programs
Barbara Hazelwood, Deputy Warden/Security
Douglas Eversole, Deputy Warden/Operations
Charlene J. Hoke, Procedures & Public Information Officer
Marc A. Wessels, Chaplain
Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Glen Dotson, Correctional Unit Administrator I
Sherri Grissinger, Administrative Specialist
Cheri Kraus, Operations Manager KCI Print Shop