Julius Caesar, 2008


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House of Julius Caesar  Caesar08ath1
JULIUS CÆSAR, Roman General and Political Leader of Rome Floyd Vaughn
CALPHURNIA, his wife James Prichard
CASKA, his personal bodyguard Ron Brown
Servant Andre L. Collins
Supporters of Caesar
MARCUS ANTONIUS, Roman General Stephen Marshall
Servant James Prichard
OCTAVIUS CÆSAR, Grandnephew of Julius Caesar Louie Garr III
Servant Louie Garr III
M. ÆMILIUS LEPIDUS, Roman General Andre L.Collins
ARTEMIDORUS, a Sophist of Cnidos Larry Goldizen
Soldiers Hal Cobb
Andre L. Collins
Larry Goldizen
John Snyder
Mike Wells
House of Marcus Brutus
MARCUS BRUTUS, Roman Senator Jerry Guenthner
PORTIA, his wife Erik Nolde
LUCIUS, his personal servant Thomas Walker
Supporters of Brutus
MESSALA, soldier Ron Brown
LUCILLIUS, soldier Louie Garr III
Young CATO, soldier Thomas Walker
VOLUMNIUS, soldier Paul Martin
PUBLIUS Gary Cohen
VARRUS, servant John Snyder
STRATO, servant Daniel Rudd
CLAUDIO, servant Hal Cobb
DARDANIUS, servant Bill Maggard, Jr.
CLITUS, servant Larry Goldizen
Cynical POET Mike Wells
House of Caius Cassius
CAIUS CASSIUS, Roman Senator Larry DeClue
TITINIUS, soldier Erik Nolde
PINDARUS, servant James Prichard
Soldiers Gary Cohen
Ronald Knight
Conspirators Against Caesar
DECIUS BRUTUS, Roman Senator Paul Martin
TREBONIUS, Roman Senator Thomas Walker
METELLUS CIMBER, Roman Senator Howard Ralston
CINNA, Roman Senator Hal Cobb
CAIUS LIGARIUS, Roman Senator Bill Maggard, Jr.
Roman Senators
CICERO, Roman Senator Howard Ralston
POPILLIUS LENA, Roman Senator Mike Wells
Supporters of PompEy
FLAVIUS, Roman Tribune Thomas Walker
MURELLUS, Roman Tribune Daniel Rudd
Citizens of Rome
Soothsayer John Snyder
CINNA, Poet Paul Martin
Cobbler Larry Goldizen
Carpenter Gary Cohen
Messenger Ronald Knight
Plebians Ronald Knight
Erik Nolde
John Snyder
Thomas Walker
Mike Wells
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Chaplain Dr. Marc A. Wessels
Administrative Specialist Sherri Grissinger
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Assistant Directors Ron Brown
Larry DeClue
Louie Garr III
Costume Designer Michelle Bombe
Stage Manager Bill Maggard, Jr.
Original Music Composition/Sound Effects Daniel Rudd/Hal Cobb
Special Thanks

Luther Luckett Correctional Complex

We deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible.R. Tom Dailey, Warden
Barbara Hazelwood (Retired), Deputy Warden/Operations
Sharon Veech, Deputy Warden/Programs
Randy White, Deputy Warden/Security
Charlene J. Hoke, Procedures & Public Information Officer
Dr. Marc A. Wessels, Chaplain & Director of LLCC Cathedral Program
Karen Heath, Recreation Director
Glen Dotson, Correctional Unit Administrator I/Special Services
Sherri Grissinger, Administrative Specialist
Cheri Kraus, Operations Manager KCI Print Shop
Roger Liter, Print Shop Production Supervisor
Rhonda Coleman, Nurse Administrator
Sergeant Percy Pool, TAD Supervisor
Captain Tim Crutcher, First Shift Captain
Captain Bob Hartman, First Shift Captain
Captain Larry Voirol, Second Shift Captain
Sergeant Lee Blanks
Correctional Officer Ian Lamb