The Two Gentlemen of Verona


The Two Gentlemen of Verona, 1996 Return to Production History
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Citizens of Verona  Shakespeeare Behind Bars performs The Two Gentlemen of Verona at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex in Oldham County, KY. directed by Curt L. Tofteland.
VALENTINE Ron Anthony Brown
SPEED, servant to Valentine Dale Ignacio Dirkes
PROTEUS Sammie Byron
LAUNCE, servant to Proteus Juadon
CRAB, Launce’s dog Spot Karaba
ANTONIO, father to Proteus Marvin E. Isabele
PANTILILLO, servant to Antonio Jimmy Osborne
JULIA, beloved to Proteus William “Billy” Wheeler
LUCETTA, servant to Julia Donald W. Worthington
Citizens of Milan
DUKE of Milan James Lee Workman
SILVIA, his daughter and beloved of Valentine Hal Cobb
THURIO, suitor of Silvia Richard Staton
EGLAMOUR, friend of Silvia Vance D. Young
HOST Clarence Khalil Hall
MOE, an outlaw Stephon Harbin
LARRY, an outlaw Michael S. Smith
SHEMP, an outlaw Demond Bush
OUTLAW GANG Clarence Khalil Hall
Vance D. Young
Jimmy Osborne
LESTAT DE LION COURT, a musician William Daniels
LEVONE, a musician James Charles Doolin
Valentine Jimmy Osborne
Proteus Richard Staton
Launce  DeMond Bush
Speed Stephen Harbin
Julia Donald W. Worthington
Lucetta Michael S. Smith
Silvia Ron Anthony Brown
Antonio Sammie Byron
Duke Vance D. Young
Thurio Marvin E. Isabele
Administrative Personnel
Founder & Producing Artistic Director Curt L. Tofteland
Administrative Support staff Georgette Kleier, Annie Karaba, and Brandi Smith
Production Personnel
Director Curt L. Tofteland
Associate Director Julie Barto, Psy.D.
Costume Designer Ben Spencer
Scenic Designer and Charge Painter Brunno Fassler
Production Stage Manager Ray Eastridge, CTO
Production Manager/ Technical Director Tom Suleski
Scene Shop Foreman John Shelburne
Stage Carpenters Michael S. Smith, Joe Curtsinger, Waydell Foster
Stage Crew Ronald Kiper, David Duvall, Tom Frank
Facilities Manager Paul D. Riley
SPECIAL THANKSLuther Luckett Correctional ComplexWe deeply appreciate the entire security, program and support staff of LLCC for their assistance and cooperation in making this production possible:

Steve Berry, Warden
C. Tony Williams, Deputy Warden/ Security
Dr. MacArthur Darby, Deputy Warden/ Programs
Douglas Eversole, Deputy Warden/ Operations
Dr. Nancy A. Schrepf, Psychology Director
Teresa Conway, Psychology Secretary
Sgt. Eddie Poff
Doris Powell, R. N.
Mike Dunn, Recreation Director
Melvin White and LLCC Kitchen Staff
LLCC Fine Arts Club
Lawrence Steinbreugge, Electrical Instructor
Susan J. Gosslin and Louisville Magazine