2010-11 Donors

Funds received September 1, 2010 – August 31, 2011
in support of 2010-2011 Season

$5,000.00 – $7,499.00
Norton Foundation

$1,000.00 – $2,499.99
Drs. Catherine Newton and Gordon Strauss
Mac and Jessica Thompson

$500.00 – $999.00
Church of the Epiphany
Holy Spirit Catholic Church Jail Ministry
Terry & Angela Gordon
Thomas Noland and Vivian Ruth Sawyer
Rev. Alfred Shands

$250.00 – $499.00
Mary Berghuis
Cornelia Bonnie
Jack Heller
Luther Luther Correctional Complex Fine Arts Club
in support of SBB Juvenile Justice Program
Thomas J. and Michaele A. Pleiss Family Foundation

$100.00 – $249.00
Max Baumgardner
Joseph and Juliet Bianca
Patricia Bricking
Bill Russell and Denise Carroll
Meg Caudill
John and Mary Fleishman
Ian Gallanar
Celeste and Tom Gerstle
Lawrence Gettleman
Thomas and Marian Hayden
Niels Herold
Anne Huntington
Jennifer and Robert Kemnitz
Knights of Columbus Council #10682 – St. Louis Bertrand
Knights of Columbus Council #14471
Michael Kuchenbrod, Grand Knight
Rose Ellen Kolonauski
Jenny & Jay Leopold
Louisville Vipassana Community
Peggy & Donald Luidens
Richard Bram and Monika Machon
Darby Penney
James and Mary Piers
Kate Powers and Ted Kusio
Monica Buckley Price
Jim and Sandra Rynbrandt
Sr. Dorothy Schuette and Sr. Rose Rauen St. Walburg Monastery
Reverends Walter and Diane Snowa
Melanie Snyder
Gene P. Stotz
Duncan Strauss in honor of Gordon Strauss
Dr. Peter and Margaret Fife Tanguay
Grace Tiffany
Joanne and Jerry Wallace

$0.01 – $99.00
Theresa Abell
Clara Adkins, Debra Starr, Terri Nichols
Mark Aldrich
Jackie and John Bartley
Renee Betz
Nancy Beverly
Marianne Bluhm
Margaret Cahill
Linda Carter
Larry D. Chandler
Tiffany Conroy
Phyllis Costello
Kevin Crabtree
Stephanie Dahlquiest
Diane Darst
Kathy & Gary Drehmel
Doris Dykes
Sylvia Embry
Teri Foltz
Wehrle Fox
Phyllis Goldstein in honor of Phyllis Costello
Phyllis Gorfain
Sean Hagerty
Kristine Haig
Leesha Heitzman
Nancy Beall Hendren
Michelle Hendricks
Gene and Gloria Hesson
Laura Howell
William Irons
Timothy Jett in honor of the SBB Ensemble
Susan Johnson
Carole Kaucic
Lauren Kehr
Susan Kelly
Gerald & Julia Malavenda
Maggie McCarthy
Amy McClain
Jamed and Irene McDonald
Anne Maron
Glen Martin
Michelle Massa
Susan Merke
Bob and Bobbie Moore
Linda Mitchell
John Pieza, My MacDaddy LLC
Mark and Annette McCulloch
Roxanne Nanney
I.V. Nilica
Jane Peters
Lloyd and Jerosha Porter in memory of Joan Heller, mother of SBB supporter Jack Heller
Daniel and Maria Rebollar
Stephen and Debra Renauer
Anne Renner-Evans
Dr. and Mrs. Roland W. Richmond
Peter Riopelle
Peter Reynolds
Jennifer Sharp
Andrea and Sam Sorsa
Robert and Deborah Spera
Kris and Molly Sensenbrenner
Lisa S. Starks-Estes
Carole Steen
Carol Stewart
Mary Ann Stinson
The Stivers Family
Peter Stone
Erica and Matt Strauss on behalf of Gordon Strauss 
Martha Stuber
Mark Swickard
Denise Taylor
Joseph Tichenor
Alice Tracy
Allison UrzuaBlaul
James M. Ward
Jackie Womack
Claire and Jim Williams
Kay Williams
Karen Willis
Anita and Larry Willoughby