2011 Student Reflections




Following Prejudice Reduction Work:
“Today I learned some new ideas on respect…  it helped me to get a better understanding of the cycle and the pattern of behaviors that occur in life.  It gave me a better outlook.”

“Prejudice is when a person will make fun of you or judge you because of what they see in you and because they don’t feel good about themselves.”

On viewing live theatrical performance:
“I felt I had some things in common with him.  After I saw how successful he has become all throughout his life, I believe I can do the same with my life.  I’m going to try to be as successful as possible in my life as well.”

“It may take a long time for you to speak your mind, but when you do that’s all that matters.  No matter where you are from or who you are, if you strive and strive to get to the top, you will.  Just don’t give up.  And you should always stick to your word, no matter what.”

Responses to Inmate Mentoring/Answers to Questions:
“I felt as if they were in our shoes because some of the things they were saying I could relate to.“

“The things that you said to us were inspiring which motivated me even more to get out and do the right thing.  I know right from wrong and the things you said I’ve heard a million times before but to actually hear it from a real live inmate in prison was deep and it opened my eyes.“

“The prisoners weren’t just staff who think they’re doing better by telling me to change my life.  It was people who didn’t use to be in my situation, they are right now and will be for some time.  They know how I feel right now, exactly at this point. “

“They were helpful and showed a lot of emotion and that what they say you can relate to because when they was talking about like for example about their family and how much they miss them and can’t wait to be back with them. “

Daily Journal entries:
“We stood as a family for once since we’ve been in this facility.  It was also one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve ever been through in my life.  I felt like I could do many things besides just live.  It’s like I could fly or something.”

“Today I learned that when times get tough and all odds are against you, you can still move forward and keep going. “

“I felt that it was an excellent opportunity for me.  I also feel that it helped me to overcome my fear of talking and/or performing in front of other people.  I also enjoyed it very much.  It was awesome and it was also unique at least from other things I have been involved in. “

“I learned that I can succeed when I try. “

“What I learned in Shakespeare is how to care for other people and how to deal with other people’s problems. “

“Since I have been in SBB I have realized that I can do better than what I have been. “

“I’m working on my self control more better and accepting advice from people if they are trying to help me.  I’m working on being a better role model to my peers and understand life better than I used to because I’ve realized that life is short to be playing around all the time.“

“Shakespeare Behind Bars should be forever.  It really has an impact on people who want help.”

Post Residency Comments:
“The program can really bring out who you are and how you express yourself. “

“I liked that I was given the opportunity to paint three scenes from Shakespeare on actual canvases, which meant a lot to me and helped me to discover some new things about myself.“

“It was a great program.  I was blessed to be able to participate in the Shakespeare program. “

“I wish that it wasn’t over. “