2011 Playwriting



Playwriting – Original monologues from point of view of inanimate object:

O I am so black and white.  How I would love to get down.
I don’t want to be stuck any more.  I just want to be kicked around.
Maybe into a goal.
I want to be on the ground,
Rounding around.
O I am so black and white.
Also close to the light.
But I would love to make a score for the person who kicked me.
O I am so black and white.

Playwriting – Original monologues from point of view of a group-created character:

I’m only 22 but I’m too young to die.  God help me now I need your help.  I hate this cancer.  It won’t go away, like another kind of rash that I have on my face.  In the next two days it goes away but my hair is gone the other way.  Now I’m bald, nowhere to go, sleeping with no woman beside me.  I must go.  Good take me now if you may, I cannot live another day.  Day after day, I’m sick and tired.  I want God to take me before I explode.  God take me before I go in the wrong mode.

Ah!  God, this hurts!  I always thought death was supposed to happen quickly when the time came.  Ever since I heard “I’m sorry, Mr. O’Brian, but the disease has become terminal,” I haven’t been able to have a conscious moment without suffering through Agony.  Complete, scalding, mind shattering agony!  My perps always died quickly.

I don’t think I’m going to be able to bare to see my wife’s face when I become unable to take care of myself.  This disease has hurt me in more than my health.  It has took it toll on me emotionally and financially.  I been away from the force for almost 2 months now.  I never would of join if I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my job to the fullest.  I’m so depressed.  I wish I would have never smoked.