Creative Fellow

Curt L. Tofteland, named 5th Creative Fellow at the University of Auckland’s Creative Thinking Project

The Creative Thinking Project aims to:

  • Deepen current understanding of the creative process so that everyone can engage in it.
  • Promote creativity as central to an individual’s wellbeing and development.
  • Promote creativity as central to a community’s wellbeing and development.

How will the project achieve its aims?

Internationally acclaimed experts in a variety of fields will address New Zealand audiences about one or more of the Project’s aims. Engagement with these experts will identify a range of educational and research projects that will help to achieve the aims. Partnerships between the University of Auckland, other educational and arts-based institutions and donors will ensure the educational and research projects are delivered.

Why creative thinking matters

From the schoolroom to the boardroom, creative thinking drives success. Thinking creatively helps us to recognise problems we hadn’t foreseen and solutions we didn’t think existed. Being creative builds new neural pathways and generates lasting social connections. It opens up a world of possibility and change. Yet too often the concept of creativity sits at the margins of education agendas.

Creativity is a proven force for cognitive development, academic achievement and social and economic innovation. If we are to address the array of challenges humanity faces, we need to increase and extend spaces for the kind of education that will promote creative thinking